About Me

Storyteller. We all have stories to share with each other about the interesting facets of life, and we usually listen to others’ stories with great interest. My blog contains information about a variety of topics (food, traveling, yoga) that are growing as human beings and sharing our lives with other people.

Editor & writer. I’m a writer. I’ve always been enamored with words and how different combinations of letters weave together into stories that have the power to touch our souls and inspire us to take action in our lives. Life is about learning, growing, and coping, and I like to tell stories that reflect that, especially for people who battle anxiety and depression.

Travel enthusiast. I have traveled to all 50 states and 6 countries so far (Germany over the holidays last year), and I’m hoping to add more push pins on my world map. Volunteering abroad in Australia for a couple of weeks was an eye-opening, life-changing experience, and I’m thirsty to explore more. I also love geography and learning about other countries, and my writings for GoAbroad have allowed me to pursue that passion.

When people get together to accomplish their goals, the collaboration is worth the positive impact in the end. Feel free to reach out to me on my contact page to connect further!

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