Arts & Crafts Vocabulary for Spanish & ESL Learners

The holiday season is upon us, and with it, comes lots of arts & crafts. After all, who doesn’t love a homemade gift every now and then? I’ve gathered together some of the most common vocabulary related to arts & crafts to help you expand your word knowledge.

I’ve personally come to a standstill many times trying to think of the words for many of these because I enjoy crocheting, creating crafts, and decorating this time of year. Now you can talk about the joy of creating this time of year too:

  1. to sew โ€” coser
    Image result for sew
  2. to knit โ€” tejer
    Image result for knit 
  3. to crochet โ€” hacer en ganchillo
    Image result for crochet 
  4. the yarn/thread โ€” el hilo
    Image result for yarn 
  5. the seam โ€” la costura
    Image result for seam 
  6. the stitch โ€” el punto
    Image result for stitch sewing
  7. the hook/to hook โ€” el gancho/engancharImage result for hook yarn 
  8. the safety pin โ€” el imperdible Image result for safety pin 
  9. the hem โ€” el dobladillo Image result for hem 
  10. the ribbon โ€” la cintaImage result for ribbon 
  11. the lace โ€” el encajeImage result for lace 
  12. the cloth โ€” la telaImage result for cloth 
  13. the garland โ€” la guirnaldaImage result for garland 
  14. to punch โ€” perforarImage result for punch a hole 
  15. the sequins โ€” la lentejuelaImage result for sequins 
  16. the glitter โ€” la purpurinaImage result for glitter 
  17. the scrapbook โ€” el รกlbum de recortesImage result for scrapbook 
  18. the confetti โ€” el confeti Image result for confetti 
  19. wreath โ€” la corona
    Image result for wreath
  20. stockings โ€” la calceta Image result for christmas stockings

I hope you learned a thing or two about some crafting vocabulary, and maybe I’ve inspired you to create something for your family or friends. I encourage you to continue growing your vocabulary by looking up words in a translator whenever possible.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting!


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