Mystery Spanish Vocabulary

Welcome to my first blog post to help you increase your Spanish vocabulary! If you’re an ESL learner, you can also benefit from learning these words. Vocabulary is the key to language because without it, you would have to try to describe everything with your hands, pictures, and smaller words. Did you know it takes about 12 meaningful reactions with a new word before you can remember it and apply it?!

ALSO…since it’s October and the month of unexplained things, I thought you might enjoy learning some new mystery Spanish vocabulary words!

  1. rasgar (rip) 
    Image result for scary torn heart
  2. aprieto (predicament)
    Image result for holding on a cliff
  3. tartamudear (stutter)
    Image result for scared stutter
  4. entrega (delivery/installment)
    Image result for scary delivery
  5. puñalada (stab)
    Image result for puñalada
  6. umbral (threshold)
    Image result for scary threshold
  7. barandilla (railing/banister)
    Image result for spooky banister
  8. atispar (spy)
    Image result for scary spying
  9. estremecer (shake/tremble/quiver)
    Image result for scared in a corner
  10. agotar (exhaust)
    Image result for drained
  11. buhardilla (attic)
    Image result for scary attic
  12. rugido (roar)
    Image result for Trex roar
  13. mugriento (grimy)
    Image result for grimy scary
  14. pasadizo (passage/corridor)
    Image result for scary pasadizo
  15. arrancar (tear/rip out/pull out/tear off/extract)
    Image result for pull out tooth

Any other mystery vocabulary you would like to share?

Thanks for reading!


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