Going the Whole Nine Yards

Since it’s my ninth month here (and penultimate month), I saw it fit to use the idiom “going the whole nine yards” as the title of this blog. My parents and brother came to Ecuador to visit me during the last week of May, which also included my 27th birthday. They also brought me my favorite snacks: Girl Scout cookies, chocolate peanut butter bars, Cheez It snack mixes, and Gardetto’s! Nothing like American salt and sugar.

On Sunday, May 27th, we walked around the artesian markets near the Foch, and I think my mom had a field day with all of the available trinkets. I also showed them around the historical district with all of the churches and old buildings. My family couldn’t believe how cheap the food and transportation is in Ecuador compared to the United States.

We went to Mitad Del Mundo on Monday, and we visited the monument and the museum nearby. We took a picture where half of us were in the Northern Hemisphere and the other half were in the Southern Hemisphere.

Mitad del Mundo

We’re on the equator!

We also walked around the exhibits about the history of the founding of the equator, and we took this fun family photo:

We went backwards in age. Notice my womanly face on a man’s body.

The next day we went to TeleferiQo to see the views from the Pichinca Volcano. We also met a couple from California, and the young lady also taught abroad in Japan for a few years. Anyway, I think the altitude affected my family because they were a bit winded.

Here we are at the TeleferiQo!

That afternoon we went to Quito’s Botanical Gardens, and we saw all kinds of native plants of Ecuador as well as a garden of Bonsai trees. Some of the trees were so small, and they were about the same age as me.

Botanical Gardens Entrance

Botanical Gardens Entrance


Botanical Gardens Ecuador

My brother lookin’ a little prickly.

On Wednesday we went to Otavalo, which was the highlight of the week. We took a two-hour bus ride there. We walked around the markets, and my mom had me haggle a bit for some pillowcases and coin purses. I also bought myself an alpaca sweater. Afterwards, we ate lunch and I got some delicious famous pie and ice cream from “The Pie Shop.”

We then took a taxi to the Otavalo Waterfalls, and there was a fun suspension bridge there as well. I enjoyed the greenery and nature because it’s a nice change from the concrete jungle of Quito’s noise and pollution.

Here are my parents in front of the Otavalo waterfalls.

Here is my dad and brother in front of a “do not enter: danger” sign.

That Thursday was my 27th birthday! We went to the artisanal markets that morning, and my mom bought me a red day dress. I showed them where I teach and the WorldTeach office, and we walked to El Mirador del Guápulo.

Here is my brother and me at El Mirador del Guápulo.

We then took a short taxi ride to Zao, which serves an Oriental cuisine. I ate some delicious ceviche and coconut sushi, and my parents and brother ate fried rice and spicy pad thai noodles, and I ate these leftovers for like 2 or 3 days after they left. Yum! I also received a free cake. 🙂

I got some cake and ate it too.

We later went to the Panecillo to see the angel statue in the historical center, and we experienced a downpour, so we moseyed around the statue for about an hour or two. We then came back to our hotel and ate ice cream at Crepes & Waffles. I was thankful that I could spend my birthday with my family in Ecuador.

El Panecillo

El Panecillo

On Friday, we went to Cumbaya and saw “Deadpool 2,” and we tearfully said our goodbyes later that afternoon. I enjoyed staying in a hotel for a week with a comfy bed, hot shower, and extravagant breakfast options. I think my family enjoyed being in Quito, but I think the safety concerns and Spanish language barrier was tough for all of us (I needed to translate a few times). We shared some good meals and had some good times. I hope I see them all again soon.

I was sad to see them go, but that night, my host family and I celebrated my birthday with cake and pizza! My host dad told me it was good to see me smile that evening.

My host family celebrated my birthday with me!

I started my fourth and final cycle of teaching the first week of June. My first class has only 10 students and the second has 21, so it’s a bit of a challenge to accommodate, but we have had a few laughs so far, so I think they’re a good bunch of students.

Other than that, I’ve gotten back in my routine of studying Spanish and practicing yoga during my free time. I also have my end-of-year conference with WorldTeach this weekend. Out of 38 volunteers that started here, we’re down to about 17 people! Anyway, I’m not sure if I will go on any more trips before I leave on August 1st because we don’t have any holidays during this last cycle, but it’s my last month here and I hope I can go on one last weekend getaway.

I’m proud of myself for coming this far with all of the challenges I’ve faced and difficulties I’ve endured. I’m looking forward to coming home to my husband and dog and the American life again. I’m sure there’s a few things I’ll miss here, but I’m going to do my best to soak up the good parts of Ecuador and enjoy my last 40ish days here.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: The ideas and thoughts expressed within this blog are my own and are not the views or opinions of WorldTeach.

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