Magic 8 Ball

The months are flying by like a hungry hummingbird, and I’ve now been in Quito for eight months total (cray cray). I’m not sure what challenges and joys the last two months will bring, but I hope my remaining time here ends well. I’m also trying to figure out what I’ll do in terms of a job after I get back to the States, but I’m considering international education/travel & tourism administration or communications. Magic 8 ball, what does my future hold?

I recently bought a plane ticket to Orlando for August 1st to see my friend before I fly to Denver to rejoin my husband. My third cycle here will end this week and then I will begin my final cycle in June, and I’ve enjoyed having some very motivated students in my class. My cohort of 38 members has now dwindled down to around 20 total, and we’ll have our end-of-year conference on June 23-24.  Who will remain? Only time will tell…

Anyway, I had a few exciting social events this past month. The end of April started off with me visiting an ice cream place called “Dulce Placer” (sweet pleasure), and I practiced my Spanish a bit with mah Ecua-friends.

Enjoying some ice cream!

We also had two days of vacation at the end of April to celebrate Labor Day. Hooray for foreign holidays! During this weekend, Adriene and I went to the movie theatre to see Avengers, but they ran out of tickets, so we got a taste of America at TGIF’s.

The rain didn’t let up much that weekend, but I went to Quilotoa, a giant crater that was formed by the collapse of the volcano, with my friend Adriene and her two friends. Quilotoa is 2 miles wide, and it takes about a half hour to walk all the way down and 2 hours to walk up, as the descent is 918 feet. We didn’t walk all the way down because of the rainy weather, which left the paths quite muddy.


Quilota Ecuador

Adriene and I enjoying the views.


A wider shot of the turquoise crater.

The next night, my friend Karina invited me to see a ballet called “Carmina Burana.” The ballerinas were literally on-point with their dancing and acting. The ballet included Latin music with a pre-Renaissance feeling to it. Carmina Burana was mostly about the trials and tribulations of love with love triumphing in the end. I enjoyed the ballet, but I was drenched after walking in Quito’s downpour on my walk to the theatre. Note to self: Wear a rain jacket AND bring a giant umbrella from now on.

Carmina Burana ticket


Carmina Burana with friends

We’re at the theatre!


Carmina Burana curtain call

Carmina Burana curtain call.

I also did eventually see “Avengers: Infinity War” with my friend Paulina, and we enjoyed lots of nachos and popcorn. We didn’t, however, enjoy the ending of that movie. Other than that, I have continued to practice Spanish with my host mom’s niece, Katy, and Isabel, another English teacher from Quito. Isabel and I have enjoyed eating wings and ice cream as we discuss the grammar mysteries of our native languages. I also wrote a blog post filled with Spanish resources if you’re interested in learning (more) Spanish.

I also finally got my health insurance reimbursement, but I have not received my package (*sigh*). My parents and brother will be here next week, so I’m hoping we have fun times together. May is filled with Mother’s Day, my mom’s birthday, my brother’s birthday, and my birthday, so I suppose we’ll celebrate all those holidays when they’re here with Quito explorations and maybe some out-of-town excursions.

Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: The ideas and thoughts expressed within this blog are my own and are not the views or opinions of WorldTeach.

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