Goals & Plans

Wow, it’s 2018!  ¡Feliz Año! It’s always hard for me to believe how quickly the year went by, and it’s difficult every January for me to face the new year. At least this year in Quito I don’t have to deal with a cold, harsh winter. It’s been raining here more than usual, and it’s been a little chilly, but we have sunny days too.

Anyway, my husband came to visit me from December 27th – January 3rd, and it was good to spend time together. He tried some Ecuadorian food and met my host family, I showed him north and south Quito and where I work, we watched Star Wars in English, we visited Baños for a day, we toured la Capilla del Hombre (Guayasamín’s house and museum, which I highly recommend), and we spent time together in the Foch.

Every day with him was so precious, and it was difficult for us to say good-bye to each other. I’m glad that he brought me clothing, toiletries, Gardetto’s, and candy to help me get through the next six months! My parents sent me a package in September, and I still haven’t received it, and at this point, I don’t know if I will. It’s frustrating that the mailing system isn’t like the one in the States.

When I return to the States in August, we’re planning on having a Holi-Jo-Sy-day-Palooza (still working on the name), where we’ll celebrate several holidays and our 1-year marriage anniversary with food, candy, movies, frozen yogurt, and cake.

We loved the views of the mountains in Baños.

A picture of us in front of the Basílica del Voto Nacional.

I rode the swing “at the edge of the world.”

Here’s us in front of Capilla del Hombre.

I didn’t do a lot of traveling over the holiday break, but I hope to do more before I leave the first week of August. I’m planning on going to Cuenca for Carnaval in February with my friend, and I’m looking into going to the Amazon in March and the Galapagos Islands end of May (my birthday!). I’d like to go on more weekend trips to places like Ibarra, Ambato, Riobamba, and other cities, but I suppose we’ll see.

This past weekend I went to the hot springs in Papallacta with a few people, and although it was a bit cold and rainy, we enjoyed relaxing in the warm, mineral water that comes directly from a volcano. This upcoming weekend I’m going to Baños again for WorldTeach’s mid-conference, but it’s for professional reasons.

I also started my second cycle of teaching here on Tuesday, January 16th, and I have the same schedule and English levels as the last cycle. The students seem good so far, and I’m going to do my best to keep up with my goals for teaching this cycle, which include more activities, more speaking & listening activities, more feedback, and as always, more preparation.

I’m still practicing yoga three times a week and practicing Spanish at language exchange clubs and with Ecuadorian friends, and I noticed that while my vocabulary has improved from flashcards and asking questions, I still have trouble with some grammar concepts and listening. I’m going to keep trying though, and I urge all of you to stick to your goals no matter what time of the year it is! 🙂

Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: The ideas and thoughts expressed within this blog are my own and are not the views or opinions of WorldTeach.

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