5 Documentaries to Inspire Change for People with Depression/Anxiety

While Netflix is chock-full of documentaries that cover everything from the environment to empowerment, I’m always on the lookout for documentaries that can help me learn more about mental health and how to shift my attitude toward life. Sometimes, we just need some inspiration or a kick in the butt to motivate us to work towards happier, healthier lives.

Brain firing off sparks

Does our brain control us, or do we control it?

While the following documentaries won’t solve all of your problems, you might learn a think or too, and they might help you put things into perspective.

1. Happy
This documentary explores the emotion of happiness by interviewing people from all over the world (including victims of traumatic accidents) from the United States to India and seeing what makes these people happy. Scientists have discovered that your happiness is 50% genetics, 10% environmental, and 40% your own attitude. With this 40%, you could help boost your happiness levels by practicing gratefulness and helping others.

2. Food Choices
After watching this documentary, my fiancé and I decided to make a huge change with our diets. You’ll learn about the lies of industries that promote false claims about the benefits of milk, meat, eggs, and fish, and you’ll learn about how a plant-based diet can lower the inflammation in your body, thereby reducing symptoms of mood disorders.

3. The Secret
Some people might think the content in this documentary is all mumbo jumbo, but I still think they’re onto something with the importance of having goals and envisioning success from these goals. “The Secret” focuses on the “law of attraction,” which states that your thoughts have positive vibes, and with these vibes, you’re attracting positive things in your life. Talk about the notion of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

4. The Minimalists
While this documentary doesn’t focus exclusively on mental health, it does talk about the importance of relationships in our lives. In our capitalist country, we believe that money is everything, and the possessions we have will impress people and raise our status. But the joy from that is short-lived. The real joy is not how many possessions we have, but the happiness we feel from socializing with friends and family

5. Neurons to Nirvana
This documentary takes a deep look into psychedelic drugs and why our country frowns upon researching them. With so many cutting-edge healthcare developments in this century, we should be searching for new ways to help people with mental health disorders, and it covers how ketamine has had positive results. You won’t look at psychedelics the same way after watching this.

More and more documentaries are touching on mental health, which is a good sign toward diminishing the taboo of this topic. Just keep an open mind while you’re watching these, and you’ll be surprised at what you learn along the way.

What are your favorite inspirational documentaries?

Thank you for reading!

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