Review of 59 Seconds by Richard Wiseman

59 Seconds: Change your Life in Under a MinuteIf you’re someone who is struggling with stress, anxiety or depression, losing weight, staying motivated, and feeling happy, then reading 59 Seconds: Change your Life in Under a Minute will help you out. When I was in college, a colleague of mine gave me the book, and I’m so glad he did because it tweaked my perspectives on several issues that we all face in life.

In less than 300 pages, Wiseman covers these topics: happiness, persuasion, motivation, creativity, attraction, relationships, stress, decision making, parenting, and personality. He gives you the freedom to skip around and read in the order that you please, which is great because parenting isn’t an issue I’m facing right now (maybe with my dog, but that’s another story because he’s just so cute).

Not only does Wiseman provide short, helpful activities and strategies in each of these sections, he also mentions anecdotes and studies that support each of the tips as well. For example, in the motivation section, the author mentions a study that found that students who fantasized/visualized their dreams didn’t follow up with with those career goals in the long run; however, if you create a realistic plan that breaks down goals and that considers the advantages/disadvantages (double think), you’re likely to achieve more from writing it all down.

Everyone would benefit from reading this short book even if they don’t have a lot of time on their hands. After all, most of the exercises he offers can usually be done in a minute or less, so why not give it a try and see if it works for you? Just remember to be realistic about changing habits because it will require you to work on them consistently. The breadth of topics and strategies he covers and the myths he debunks are worth the read. If you’re looking for depth into some of the topics, however, then you might have to browse for more books to help you in that area. Sometimes Wiseman goes a little off topic or mentions stuff that may not be relevant to you, but those nuggets of knowledge might just help someone you know as well.

What about this book sounds interesting to you? Are you now considering flipping through it at the bookstore?

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