Review of Undercover

UndercoverI wanted to read a suspenseful romance novel, and so I decided to read Danielle Steel’s Undercover because Steel is a bestselling author and because, well, Amazon also recommended the novel.

The plot was interesting: Marshall, a DEA agent, goes undercover in South America trying to take down a drug lord, and after an incident, he is reassigned to work in Washington, D.C. Marshall’s sense of humor made me laugh a couple of times, too. Ariana, an ambassador’s daughter, was kidnapped in South America and lost a bit of her identity from the ordeal. She started out as a rich, spoiled young woman and had to learn to mature from the traumatic event. Steel goes into depth about each of their backgrounds and how they come to meet and save each other in the end.

The plot piqued my interest throughout the book, and I enjoyed the quick read. Marshall and Ariana both go from living in South America to living in Paris, and you feel like you are traveling with them. I did feel like some sections were a bit dull with Steel repeating facts, and Steel glossed over details when it came to romantic sections. Steel also could have developed the romance between Marshall and Ariana. Steel’s a formula writer, nonetheless a prolific writer, so the ending was predictable.

Sometimes you just want to read fun fiction where you can escape reality a bit, and I think this novel did that for me. If you’ve read Undercover, what did you think? What Steel books do you recommend?


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