The “F Word”

As we approach International Women’s Day on March 8th, I can’t help but think about how far women have come along in the United States in the last century. After all, women have made considerable progress with voting rights and entering the workforce, but the United States still has a ways to go, especially with reproductive rights and work rights in 2016.

The United States is by all means a capitalist country, and the values associated with capitalism have been hammered into our brains. Capitalism has its pros and cons, but one of its cons is the obsession with production. I can’t help but wonder if the United States will be able to move forward with women’s rights because we live in such a capitalist society.

Employers depend on their employees to produce goods and services to make a profit, and this is understandable, but when women are pregnant and have their children, the idea of women receiving paid maternity goes out the window. Women would have to use their sick leave and disability to make ends meet (and may depend on their partner or spouse for financial help). Why do we define maternity this way? As a sickness or a disability?

The United States is the ONLY “developed” country in the world that doesn’t require businesses to provide paid maternity leave for women. Educate yourself and read about the benefits of paid maternity leave. Also, what about bodily autonomy?¬†Educate yourself about that as well.

Also, another issue I’d like to mention is women being judged for their competence based on achievements and men being judged on their competence based on potential in the workplace. As I go into job interviews, I can’t help but wonder what the employer is thinking when they look at my resume. I also can’t help but wonder if the employer thinks my achievements are based on luck instead of hard work.

I’ve also¬†experienced the petty drama and gossip in the workplace, and I wonder why women can’t just support each other instead of comparing themselves to each other? Why do some women who get angry get judged based on their hormones? Why do some women leaders who are authoritative in nature get judged as a b****? Women shouldn’t have to try to balance being “soft” and “feminine” as well as masculine in the workplace to appease coworkers or employees as well.

You may think these are controversial issues, but I think it’s about women’s rights.

When I say the “F word,” I’m talking about feminism. Feminism is not intended to be a “dirty” word, and it not intended to mean women who are feminists despise men. Feminism is about human rights for¬†women because surprise, women are humans. I’ve only listed a few issues here, but here’s a list of other issues. Both women AND men have to work together to continue making progress towards women’s rights.

Let’s get with the times already, don’t you think?


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