6 Indoor Activities to Help Chase the Blues Away

After the holiday season, January can feel like a dismal, depressing month. The sun deserts us early with darkness blanketing us, and the wintery conditions are at their peak. Although January can be a tough month, we can welcome the opportunity to pledge resolutions to improve ourselves and achieve our goals.Ā January comes from Janus, the god of beginnings and transitions. January is the door to a new a year. I enjoy watching Netflix and sipping hot cocoa in my free time, but January is also the perfect time to learn new things.

Here are 6 indoor activities to help chase the blues away:

1. Create a vision board
What is a vision board? A vision board is a board based on the law of attraction that helps you identify your life’s desires andĀ helps you achieve your goals. Here’s a website with more information: http://makeavisionboard.com/what-is-a-vision-board/. My vision board, which is by no means perfect, has various pictures that represent my goals:

vision board
2. Become a yogi
The benefits of yoga are endless: improves posture, relaxes your system, boosts immunity, helps you focus, and helps you sleep deeper. YouTube has plenty of beginner yoga videos to help you get started. I love yoga because it relieves my back pain and stretches my hamstrings. Here’s a 15 minute morning yoga routine:

3. Knitting and crocheting
I started crocheting a little over a year ago, and I created a poncho in three days in December. I also learned how to knit on Christmas, and I knitted a pillow in a couple of days. Knitting and crocheting help alleviate stress (a natural anti-depressant) and protect the brain from damage (works your memory and attention span). You won’t need to buy new clothes once you get the hang of it!

Crochet, Knit
4. BakingĀ 
Baking brings so much joy — you can create something artistic and give a treat to others. I like to challenge myself with baking, and I madeĀ chocolate macaroons from scratch last month. (I also realized that having the right tools would have helped immensely.) Here’s the recipe:Ā http://www.chowhound.com/recipes/french-chocolate-macarons-with-chocolate-ganache-28339.

5. Learn how to play a musical instrument
Alleviate stress and sharpen your mind by learning how to play a musical instrument. I can’t wait until I can play songs on my guitar around a campfire. I recently got a new guitar book, and I’ve been learning more than I have in the last year. Here’s the book:

6. Learn a new language
I have a Spanish minor, which provided me with a foundation, and I continue to review and practice as often as I can. Learning another language helps improve your memory, learn new things faster, develops your ability to multi-task, and increases your attention span. If you’re just getting started, I recommend http://www.duolingo.com.


What are your favorite indoor activities?

Thank you for reading!

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