Experiences in Las Vegas (so far)

After the semester ended at graduate school, my boyfriend flew to Denver then took a shuttle to Fort Collins, CO. When he arrived, we arduously packed my things into the back of my hatchback. It was tough fitting everything in there, but we figured out the puzzle. We drove 13 hours in one day from Fort Collins, through the mountains of Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, and we arrived late at night. My first thought arriving in Las Vegas was “I never thought I would actually live in Las Vegas in my entire life.” My eyes bounced back and forth from the strip buildings to a typical living area. It’s hard to imagine that people live off the strip as well as permanently in the city.

Before I started my internship for the World Series of Poker, my boyfriend and I went to the water park on the outskirts of town, and we had a lot of fun sliding down the slides with the sun beaming on our faces. We also went out to eat at a fancy Italian restaurant, and my pasta and white wine were delicious.

My internship started during the last week of May, and I had a hard time finding the media location because I’m not good with directions. After I found it, 10 other interns were already in the room. I learned about my responsibilities and took a tour of the convention center. After the first week, I learned how to use the content management system and all of the media rules. Throughout the internship, I updated poker data to wsop.com, escorted media affiliates from several different countries to the tournaments, and I helped watch over the media center. I met media affiliates from Sweden, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Norway, and France. I also saw Ray Romano and Paul Pierce. Some of my colleagues saw Aaron Paul! I had a lot of fun seeing an event from the operations and production side, and I liked watching the final players of each tournament play poker even though I do not know a lot of poker, but I learned more about poker after working for the World Series of Poker.

During the hours I wasn’t working, my boyfriend and I went to The Bodies Exhibit, and we saw real flesh, muscles, bones, and organs of people who had donated their body to science. I had a hard time imagining that the same organs, bones, muscles, and flesh were a part of my body as well. The exhibit helps you learn the importance of eating right and taking care of yourself.

I have also started volunteering for the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society, and I’m grateful that I can help out with the dogs by playing with them and walking them at adoption events. I have also met some friendly volunteers as well.

On the 4th of July, my boyfriend and I visited Mt. Charleston, and we decided to hike the Mary Jane Falls Trail. The trail was a lot harder than I expected, but I made it to the end and saw the trickling waterfall. We experienced cooler weather in Mt. Charleston than Las Vegas (nearly 20 degrees). After the hike, my boyfriend and I watched the Dead Poets Society, and we ordered in Portuguese food. We also watched the pouring rain too. My internship is now over, and I’ve been trying to keep myself busy by reading books and volunteering.

Thanks for reading!

Sydney Thompson

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