A former boyfriend and good friend of mine tragically died one year ago this month. I was beside myself with grief and feelings of despair. I wrote a poem commemorating his friendship and my feelings of grief.

We all feel the pain, the grief, and the sorrow
and wonder why you didn’t get a tomorrow?
I hold on to those nostalgic memories
but the past is gone; it’s such a tease.

Memories of you and I together
are filled with amusement and delight.
We joyfully discussed heavy issues
and took long car rides at night.

This reality that is around me
is starting to punch me in the chest;
your passing causes me to reflect
and I wonder why it is I that exist?

Oh, how I feel my beating heart aching
the flooding of emotions seems painstaking.
But those lovely memories of you I embrace
with your rosy cheeks and smile on your face.

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