As I’m hiking up this trail
with my shirt stuck to my skin
and bugs swirling in my ears
wondering if I’ll make it to the end.

My lungs feel like gasping fish
and with every step my hips feel sore
this trail seems never ending
as I listen for the waterfall’s roar.

I try to enjoy this route
to enjoy the light breeze
and the movement of the trees
and I need to push beyond my doubts.

My head rocks with hesitation
and my body struggles with this task
and I’m so shaken with desperation
that all I want to do is go back.

No, no, no, one more step
I keep saying in my head
just keep pushing forward
rather than turning back instead.

One last flight of steep elevation
and then I feel an overwhelming alleviation
when I finally see the trickling waterfall,
I’ve accomplished this with determination.

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